Naturally Everybody would say we see with our eyes. But is that the truth?

Optically this is correct. Light beams will be casted through our eyes to light-sensitive receptors. Due to debility of sight the colours could be shifted or the image could be aberated. The receptors messaging the arriveing attractions to our brain, which creates the picture.


Picture: optical view eye and brain

Now it will be interesting.

Our mind consitis on a lot of experiences, which will help to create pictures. To go closer I'd like to ask you to view the following picture and would like to ask you what you notice.


Picture: visual illusion curved chess board

On this picture all lines are absolutely straight but even knowing that we see it curved. I could amend this list with a lot of other examples, finally these experiences influence our way we see, our view.
Another items which influence our view in mind are other regions in brain, e.g. these which handle emotions.

A broad interpretation on this is why we feel differently on arts. Some pictures we do like and others not.


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